Hi! My Name is Darnielle.

I am… a psychology and education studies graduate. My fields of interest include criminal psychology, developmental psychology, and adult education.

I am… a multi-talented web creative. I design for screen & print, build functional websites, and write & edit content for blogs & websites.

I am… a married New Zealander living in the Netherlands.

I am… a spoonie & chronic illness awareness advocate, planner junkie, aspiring derby girl, caffeine addict, and obnoxious Devin Townsend fan.

Welcome to my website.

Skills & Personal Attributes

 Problem Solving

I started to develop my problem-solving and logic skills at quite a young age through my inclusion in gifted and talented classes in compulsory schooling, and I continued to develop them through my years at university. I am able to analyse, synthesise and evaluated knowledge, and find effective solutions to most problems presented to me.


Being able to communicate effectively is very important to me, and I make a concerted effort to continue to improve my interpersonal skills. As a social science student, I've learnt how actively listen, gather accurate information from a wide range of people, and produce verbal and written reports.

 Social Skills

I believe that building relationships with employers, co-workers, and regular customers/clients is vital for a good work environment. I also find it fairly easy to adapt to any kind of social situation and relate to many different groups of people, as well as seamlessly switching between leadership and team member roles.

 Passion for Learning

I am constantly in search of knowledge. I do well in formal education settings, but I also consider myself an autodidact (self-teacher). I enjoy non-fiction reading, and researching topics that I am interested in. I am also a strong believer in gathering information from a wide range of sources before making a decision.

 Planning & Organisation

I have learnt, through my university education, to plan and organise effectively. I can accurately judge the time it will take to complete a task, identify necessary resources, and prepare for meetings and deadlines. I am also experienced in facilitating and developing programmes, particularly for adult learners.

 Web Design & Development

I have over fifteen years of experience with designing and developing for the web. I am skilled in the use of Photoshop, and coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While I specialise in front-end development, I am comfortable with basic PHP, particularly for WordPress. I am also familiar with MySQL databases and cPanel.


I am proficient in the use of popular software on multiple operating systems. I am particularly skilled in the used of the Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative suites and statistical analysis software such as SPSS. I am also very quick to pick up the ins-and-outs of unfamiliar software. I type accurately at a speed of 75 WPM.

 Customer Service

Many positions I have held has involved dealing directly with customers, so I have a wealth of experience in this area. I understand the importance of a business-client relationship. Additionally, I am capable of processing all common forms of payment, and maintaining a high rate of productivity.


Through many years of academia and blogging, I have developed my writing skills to a professional standard. I have a preference for academic and technical writing but I also write for the web, communicate via social media and have experience in editing, both my own work and the work of others.


I have basic small business accounting skills. I can manage both accounts recievable and payable, book-keeping, invoicing, calculating and filing taxes, bank account management, and payroll administration. However, I do all of this manually, so my familiarity with any accounting software packages is limited.

 Other Attributes

Due to my long-term health issues, I've developed unique personal skills that I believe will be helpful in any position. I can adapt to any situation. I am resilient, highly motivated, and I have a "never give up" attitude. I enjoy a challenge, take deadlines seriously, and I work well under pressure. I also have a deep appreciation for being employed! I also really enjoy working with animals, and I am currently learning Dutch.

Work History

 Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Self-Employed   Jun 2010 - Present

This is a casual position where I use my web design & development skills to create websites for individuals and small businesses, mainly on the WordPress(.org, self-hosted) platform. I also provide additional services such as graphic design for screen and print, tech support, website maintenance, and editing of web content. For more information on what this position entails, please see the services section.

 Accounts Administrator

Jaynet Curtains   Jun 2015 - Present

I manage the accounts and payroll for a small curtain and soft furnishings business based in New Zealand. My tasks include processing accounts receivable and accounts payable, book-keeping in Excel, invoicing, filing required tax information, bank account management, and ensuring wages are paid.

 Document Officer

NMI Agro   Oct 2016 - May 2017

This was a temporary position in which I uploaded, checked, and edited metadata of articles collected by NMI employees into Mendeley.

 Laboratory Soil Scanner

SoilCares Research   Jul 2016 - Jul 2016

This was a temporary position in which I scanned dry soil samples for data collection using a handheld scanner in a laboratory in Wageningen.

 Volunteer Facilitator

Department of Corrections   May 2015 - Sep 2015

I taught financial literacy to offenders in the Tai Aroha residental programme, using the resources offered by Sorted. I present information to offenders in a clear and effective way and work with offenders to ensure they understand the information presented to them. This position also gives me experience in dealing with offenders on a personal level, including avoiding "getting got", cultural awareness & sensitivity, and understanding their motivations etc.

 Checkout Operator

Woolworths/Countdown   Nov 2005 - Apr 2007

I worked at both Woolworths Putaruru and Countdown Cambridge during this period. Both of these positions were part-time. My tasks and responsibilities included customer service, the use of checkout technology, cash register & payment processing systems (including cash drawer maintenance), correct handling & packing/bagging of product, maintaining a high level of productivity, and responding effectively to high-pressure situations (including manual calculation, dealing with difficult customers, and crime such as shoplifting & robbery).

 Other Work

I have also volunteered for the SPCA in both Hamilton and Whangarei in New Zealand, and I have a background in dairy farming so I am knowledgeable about working with animals. I also have a small amount of experience in translation (Dutch to English), and native language checking (English).


 Graduate Certificate in Education Studies

University of Waikato   Mar 2014 - Jul 2016

Due to my interest in education, I decided to extend my studies with this certificate. It was conferred in December 2016.

Courses: Planning Learning Opportunities for Adults, Adults Learning for Life, Education and Social Justice, Education and Social Inequality, Children's Development in Families, New Zealand Educational Policy, and Curriculum Perspectives.

Overall Grade: B+.

 Certificate in Tikanga Maori

Te Wananga o Aotearoa   Aug 2015 - Jan 2016

I started this qualification out of both personal interest and professional development. This qualification is also known as He Papa Tikanga, and was conferred in 2016.

Courses: Te Ao Maori (The World of Maori), Te Ao Marama (The World of Understanding), Te Ao Hurihuri (The Contemporary World), and Te Ao Whanui (The Wider World).

Overall Grade: A.

 Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

University of Waikato   Mar 2012 - Nov 2013

 Awarded with Distinction

This qualification was intended to lead me into Master's study and clinical training, so my papers were tailored towards this. I also took a number of behavioural psychology papers. This diploma was conferred in March 2014.

Courses: The Psychology of Criminal Conduct, Theories of Clinical Psychology, Graduate Research Methods in Psychology, Advanced Topics in Abnormal Adult Psychology, Child Psychopathology, Psychological Assessment, Psychological Applications and the Treaty of Waitangi, Applications of Behaviour Analysis, Applied Behaviour Analysis: Theory and Issues, Behaviour Analysis Research and Theory, and Recent Research in Behaviour Analysis.

Overall Grade: A.

 Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology

University of Waikato   Feb 2008 - Nov 2011

This degree was conferred in May 2012. My supporting subjects were Sociology and Social Policy.

Courses: General and Experimental Psychology, Social and Developmental Psychology, Psychological Research: Analysis, Design and Measurement, Research Methods, Psychological Measurement, Behavioural Psychology and Learning, Behaviour Analysis, The Psychology of Perception, Physiological Psychology, Physiology of Human Performance and Development, Cognitive Psychology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Perspectives on Child Development, Abnormal Psychology, Culture Ethnicity and Psychology, Community Culture and Diversity: Applied Social Psychology, Human Development, Introduction to Socilogy, Sociology in Practice, History of Sociological Thought, Criminology: A Sociological Introduction, Introduction to Social Policy, Social Policy and Social Issues, Social Policy, Women in Society: Representations and Realities, The Practice of Social Science Research, and The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy.

Grade: B+ (major), A- (overall).

 Previous Education

  • Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (2003-2004)
  • Te Awamutu College (2003)
  • Whangarei Girls' High School (2000-2003)
  • Maungatapere School (Whangarei, 1997-1999)
  • Morningside Primary School (Whangarei, 1995-1997)
  • Whau Valley Primary School (Whangarei, 1993-1995)
  • Kamo Primary School (Whangarei, 1993)
  • Malfroy Primary School (Rotorua, 1992)


  • Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.
  • First equal Year 10 Science Top Achiever award.
  • Inclusion in Gifted and Talented programmes throughout my compulsory schooling.



Below is a table of services I currently offer. Additional services not listed here may be available on request. Please feel free to enquire about any extra services you may require. Please review my terms of service for details on pricing, payment, and additional fees.

Web DesignA full website design, delivered to you in .psd format, ready to be developed. This service is suitable for those who would like a design crafted by me, but can develop it themselves, or would like to hire another developer. I also recommend this option for those who use something other than WordPress to manage their content.
Graphic DesignGraphic design work such as logos, social media, promotional material, etc. This service is suitable for anyone looking for web graphics. I can create graphics to match existing websites, or as add-ons to other design work. Prices will vary depending on the type of graphic, and the difficulty of the work.
Print DesignI specialise in print design for planners, but I can also design business cards, flyers, CVs & resumes, and promotional material. Please note that I only offer print design. The actual printing of the product will need to be done by yourself or via an external printing service. Prices will vary depending on the type and difficulty of the print work.
HTML/CSS/JavaScriptFront-end development work, charged hourly. This service is suitable for those with existing designs that need to be developed for WordPress or a static website, or WordPress or static websites that need to be re-coded. This includes making existing websites responsive and cleaning up code. I do not provide code for other content management systems.
WordPress ThemesFully designed and developed WordPress themes, packed with all the features to make your website look and feel fantastic. This service is suitable for those looking to start a website, or to redesign an existing website, with dynamic content. All of my WordPress themes are built on my custom framework, responsive, and easy to edit and customise to your liking.
Tumblr ThemesFully designed and developed Tumblr themes, including custom pages and matching graphic for inline blogs. This service can be for new or existing Tumblr blogs, and will make full use of Tumblr's customisation options.
Static WebsitesFully designed and developed static websites. This service is suitable for those looking for a website that doesn’t require frequent updating, or would like to adapt the design to another CMS. Like my WordPress themes, my static designs are also easy to edit and customise.
Online ShopsA full WordPress theme plus online store integration. This service is suitable for small businesses which run or intend to run WordPress-based eCommerce stores. I can build the theme around existing eCommerce plugins, or help you set up the right eCommerce plugin for your business, and style accordingly.
ConsultationThis service is offered free when purchasing any other design or development service, but for those of you who would like to know what can be done to improve their website without any obligation to continue working with me, this is the service for you. I will go over your existing website with a meticulous eye and provide an extensive report to help you make your website more awesome.
SupportOn-going support for work I have completed for existing clients is free for 15 days following the delivery of the work. If additional support is needed, it will be charged at an hourly rate. I do not provide support for any work that is not my own.
MaintenanceThis service is for existing clients. Maintenance services are not included under the free support service, so any changes or additions that need to be made to any work that has already been delivered to you and accepted as completed will be charged by the hour.
SetupNeed help purchasing domain names and hosting, setting up your website, installing WordPress, using FTP, etc.? I can assist with this. Depending on the time it takes to complete each kind of setup, prices will vary. Setting up any WordPress or Tumblr themes, static websites or online shops purchased from me comes included in each service.
Website Clean-UpIs your website in need of a bit of a spruce? I can help with tidying up everything from outdated, invalid or malfunctioning code to broken links, images and other files. This service can be bought as a one-off or you can opt for a recurring bi-yearly clean-up, which I offer at a discounted flat rate.
Content EditingDon't have the time, patience or ability to edit your own copy? Allow me to do it for you. I will go through your writing with a fine-toothed comb checking for spelling, grammar and syntax errors. This service is provided on an hourly rate.

I do not/cannot offer the following services...

Back-end programming (PHP, WordPress plugins, etc.), mobile development & apps (responsive design is provided in lieu of this), illustration, packaging design, photo editing, hosting, and Flash design.


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